I have been in the music industry most of my adult life.  Even at school I was doing the sound and lights for bands.

After leaving school I did a 7 year apprentiship in Electrical /electronic engineering for English China Clays in the south west.  
All through my time at ECC I still continued doing live sound and recording for local bands and working at Roche Studios. 
In 1985 I became involved at the Sawmill Studio as an engineer and eventually left ECC and became the house engineer at the Sawmills. 

During which time I mixed and produced bands such as New Model Army, Supergrass, Catatonia, Razorlight, Muse, Wet Wet Wet,Robert Plant, Stone roses, Ride, and enjoyed a fair amount of chart success.  I have worked at different studios all over the world including Austrailia, France, Switzerland, Netherlands. 

I am currently working from my home studio doing alot of Emixing and E mastering and also recording live bands but still have an interest in the sawmills. 

I still do alot of live sound with touring bands and have recently been on tour with The Feeling/ Yellowire.