Definitely Maybe

This Album needs no introduction, This was the second or third time the band had recorded this album.

This is my memory of the making of this album, there does appear to be various versions floating about on t’internet.

They came down to the sawmills on the 24th February with Anjali Dutt from battery studios in Willsedon london and Mark Coyle their live sound engineer as the production team, Anjali was not familiar with the trident console we have at the sawmills so I pretty much engineered the session for the first few days until she was comfortable with the desk, by which time they had completed most of the backing tracks, at which point I left the session in their capable hands along with Dylan Spalding our trainee engineer.

The band performed all together in the studio to capture the performance then overdubbed the vocals and a load of extra guitar parts that were subsequently stripped back for the mix. The whole session was over and done with in about 10 days, Owen Morris then eventually did the final mixes.

The session was entirely recorded on 2″ analogue tape on an Otari MTR90 at 30ips, The console is a Trident Series 80B with a custom 24 channel stretch which was designed and built in house.

Other equipment includes Neve compressors, Fairchild copy limiter built by Sean Davies(wonderful machine) Urei 1176, AMS DMX1580, RMX16, Lexicon 480, EMT plate, etc