Why E-mastering

Well by the time you have spent a lot of time and effort getting your recording done and spent time on your mixes it would be crying shame not to put the icing on the cake by getting your project professionally mastered, this will create a much more pleasing result and flow to your album.

I personally don’t like the loudness a lot of current cds are hitting these day, this makes it very hard to listen to an entire album and destroys all the dynamics, if you are a big fan of “loud” cd’s then I can do this but advise against it, it will not make it sound louder on the radio, in fact in can often have the adverse effect, a lot more can be read on this subject at  http://dynamicrangeday.co.uk/

I will Master and PQ code your album and produce a PMCD ready for you to take to production, this can be delivered as a DDP image (accepted by the majority of manufacturing companies) or a CDR to be sent for manufacturing.

Please contact me to discuss pricing and your requirements.