Why E-mixing

Well by getting your songs professionally mixed you will realise the full potential of all the hard work you have put in during the recording phase, all too often artists spend a lot of time and money perfecting the recording but don’t bother getting an experienced pair of ears to bring out the best in the song during the mix phase, it can make the difference between a good performance falling out of the speakers and creating a depth and musicality that you may not have thought possible.

Of course “turd polishing” is not on my list of talents but I can do my best at “rolling it in glitter”, the better the recording the better the final product will be, so attention to detail in the recording process will pay dividends.

I use SSL soundscape as the core of my mix system which is known to have the best sounding summing of all the DAW’s out there, I have done many blind tests with clients over the years between summing on a trident Series 80 and other consoles and they are all amazed at the clarity and depth on the resulting sound, to me and others it is much better than analogue summing because the audio doesn’t have to go through more A-D and D-A conversions and of course the total reset is invaluable in e-mixing.

I do use some analogue processing during mixes if I deem it is beneficial, this is always rendered to the project so the total reset is not compromised.

The cost is dependant on how much time I will need to spend sorting it out so it is important that everything is properly labelled and sorted out, if I have get in to forensics to decode what each track is it will cost you more, and obviously the more layers the more time it takes.

I can accept the project in many ways but by far the simplest is rendered 24 bit Broadcast Wave Files, ideally at 44.1Khz but if the project has been recorded at any other sample rate then leave it in its native sample rate as multitrack sample rate conversion can be extremely damaging to the phase relationship between the tracks if not done correctly.

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